Saturday, March 2, 2013

Time and Space the Individual and the Aggregate

time and space the individual and the aggregate:

when it comes to time and space we cannot really escape thinking in terms of numbers. how long has it been? how far away? indeed, the way we think of mathematics greatly affects our thoughts on both. what is the number 1 truly, and what of infinity? how does the abstract nature of mathematics fit reality?

we can think of everything that exists in this reality as one space, but we certainly do not think that there is only one kind of thing that exists. there are many different things is what we assert! but surely not an infinite number? i posit just as real space is not infinite in distance from end to end, neither is there an infinite number of different things that exist in reality. a "least bit of matter" is an individual part of reality, to which we can attach the concept of the number 1 and give it real meaning.

each "least bit of matter" changes on a different path to that of any other. in aggregate, we apply a common time to reality, as we are all connected, for we are all "here" in this one space. also i posit that, for time even to be measured with any consistency, that there are regular cycles at work, never changing, for eternity. theoretically, let whatever that runs the second have a starting position at A. It changes to B, perhaps then to C, then back to A, and starts all over again, forever. surely if things could never recover a past position or state, there would be no stability to the universe, things once seen or heard would never be seen or heard again? yes, i am saying that time travel to the past, in this individual sense, is completely real! it is aggregate time travel to the past that is impossible.

again, i posit that change is discrete, there are "frames" of change in state of a "least bit of matter". the problem lies with the mind and its thinking, when it entertains the concept of continuous change and the possibility of the infinitesimal. we can think of fluid or continuous change but we are fooled and we are then crazy, for that is neither what we are seeing nor hearing! matter changes one step at a time, individually.

indeed, has not the whole concept of the movie projector showing frames at 24 per second and HDTV at 1080 x 1920 pixels resolution been telling us something like the truth about reality and time and space, as it was all along?


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