Saturday, March 2, 2013

The Many Worlds of Reality

the many worlds of reality:

let us start with the assumption that a person's consciousness was not created, but always existed, even at the start of time, that it is, actually, a fundamental part of the fabric of reality, and not something that developed later in some process of "evolution". the problem for those on earth is that what came before is just not remembered or if it is, not clearly. there is something about the birth process that wipes out vital memory. i remember nothing of life on earth before the age of three, nothing before August 29, 1975, to be exact. the date is stamped on my first passport, US Immigration at Hawaii. what came immediately before was a dream sequence that became waking life on earth. yes, i awoke in the dream. i was suddenly on earth, three years old.

as it is in dreams often, we accept a convincing alternative premise and cannot remember details of our waking lives, which would explain why we remember little of what came before earth and why we are so docile to begin with.

with language, there may be some confusion with terms used over time. our knowledge is not complete. we may even have missed fundamental truths yet. inevitably, as we learn more, we realize that what we had believed or assumed was not quite true and the meanings of words are updated. a "paradigm shift" happens. i am not saying that earth is entirely a dream world, only that dreams are the entrance to it.

it opens the possibility that some have never lived on earth yet. they are still in the old worlds and they may never live on earth. so they remember things about the early years that those on earth do not.

but what happens when we "die" on earth? is it back to the old worlds from which we came or is it reincarnation on earth? allow me to digress. now i am sure the word "die" originally meant something far worse! there is a fear associated with the word that precedes earth.

how do dreams end? either you abruptly wake up or drift back to sleep or they become yet another dream.


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