Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Person on Earth

the person on earth:

the issue lies in the transient nature of a life on earth. what you are on earth is not what you were originally. it cannot be disputed that a fully populated earth with everything going on did not exist in the beginning of time. this was all later. however, the very involved life a person leads on earth makes us forget all that sometimes.

the other question that must be considered in addition to what happens after we die on earth is that, what happened before we were born on earth? do we assume it must be something similar, that earth is a place, what came before and what comes after are also places? are they the same place?

life on earth, an advertisement:
you'll have a body, a human one, male or female. you'll start off a little one. you will grow up. you'll have a family, maybe have brothers or sisters. you'll have to do something with your life. there will be lots of choices of what to do, etc.

at some point, the self questioning will begin. how did i become this? the nineteen year old looking in the mirror, wondering about life. how did i come to be on earth?

the very complexity of life on earth absorbs much of the mind but the awareness that one day it will all end, that this life on earth will be taken away, cannot be ignored. what was it all for? what was the design? how much of the person i was on earth is real?


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