Saturday, January 19, 2013

Translation and Analysis of the Text

translation and analysis of the text:

"...such is the nature of the brand"

what does that mean? it seems to be a statement of emphasis that does not convey much meaning perhaps, but let us deconstruct or analyse it carefully, indeed treat it as though it were in a foreign language and make an attempt to translate it.

there are 3 key words: "brand", "nature" and "such".

"brand" we associate with big, popular products, for example, food and drink, probably the most common category where brands are found. it also means to stamp a name on something. so perhaps a popular brand of drink, with its name stamped on the packaging.

"nature" we associate with personality or it could also be about the planet, trees, plants, and so on. so, a person roaming the natural world.

"such" implies "very" usually, as in for example, "such a good..."

combining all three, we must find a theme that links all of these ideas. we then have something like "people really like drinking a very popular brand of soda, like Coca-Cola, when they have a picnic out in the countryside" as a possible interpretation.


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