Saturday, January 5, 2013

A Shifting Mosaic of Time

a shifting mosaic of time:

so, let us again posit that nothing moves physically in actuality, that physical motion is but an illusion, a delusion even, brought about by the sensational nature of our eyesight, a product of sense naivete about reality, a gullibility born of the way things look and appear. now i'm afraid i digress, i hazard a guess that the original meaning of the word "physical" was to do with the human body alone, for that is what it still means primarily to me, but that this later mutated to also mean about inanimate objects as well, and so on. i am not going to deal with the conflicting philosophical concepts of duality or monism here. here let matter mean anything that exists, to put it most simply, whether it be mental or "physical". this is somewhat different to contemporary usage and concepts, but again i hazard a guess that this is the original meaning.

in a reality where there is no physical motion, where all matter is static in space, where all matter has permanent neighbours, so to speak, the popular concept of "motion" actually happening would be the horrific breakup of matter in reality space, the ultimate sickness that cannot happen, that things actually moved away or left!

now matter does not move, but it does change, though again i digress, perhaps not all matter changes at all, that is a theoretical possibility. now let us dismiss the mathematicians' and physicists' concepts of continuous numbers, continuous motion, even infinity perhaps, and certainly infinitesimals, the infinitely little. but how does it change? what is time? the only concept that is left to me is that, if you imagine the entirety of reality to be a massive solid mosaic, and each tile representing a "least bit of matter" which i have explained in previous posts, is that all matter that changes changes suddenly to another "state" or "version", there is a "holding" period where it stays the same, then suddenly it changes again to yet another "state" or "version" of itself. as is apparent from thinking about light and our own eyesight and changes, it can be deduced that not everything changes "at the same time", each "tile" to its own beat, so to speak. "holding" periods of time when a "tile" stays the same are different too. all this could be visually represented by computer graphics, i am sure, but unfortunately i don't know how to code a program to show all this! of course, all this is predicated on the assumption that change is discrete, that infinitesimal increments of time are not real, it only seems so perhaps sometimes, and that "time" is different in a sense, everywhere.


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