Saturday, February 9, 2013

Time and the Chaos Mix

time and the chaos mix:

there are a few questions of interest here. what existed or how much existed in the beginning of time or time zero? and how much creation has there been since? do we believe inflationary theories or not?

well, let us fill out the possibility ideas space. consider the big bang theory of the universe, first very little, then rapid inflation to a lot today. it is easy to understand why this is popular, people have poor memories of long ago, so the start seems little, but time makes it seem as though growth is real, so there is inflation. consider something like the reverse, perhaps much early on, but then death and destruction is slowly wiping everything out! perhaps not.

things like colours and sounds surely either existed or always had the potential to be experienced right from the start? if we view reality as something like a soup mix of light, sound and unformed ideas that is eternal, always existed, then perhaps it is not hard to conceive that many things were not created by anyone, that letters of the alphabet and connections to sounds and unconscious thought existed in some unrefined form indeed in the beginning, semi ready made language that was quickly developed.

perhaps all of what time did was to bring order to the chaos mix at the start of time, a move from unrational complexes to rational ones. it is interesting to note that this would seem to imply a dreamlike state of reality at the start whereas waking life now is rational and stable.


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