Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Very Young Earth Theory

very young earth theory:

yes, i do know current scientific theory is that the universe is billions of years old, started very little and gradually inflated to the present day. there was nothing to begin with but much today. to loosen the mind, imagine the other extreme that everything only came into being an hour or so ago, in which case, our memories of the past are false, and the universe was in motion with everything existent already.

some Christians believe that everything is several thousands of years old. there is another distinct theory, posit that reality is only a few hundreds of years old. in this, there is the element that many things, such as nature, existed from time zero, that these things are eternal. there always were trees, there always were humans, right from the beginning, and there always will be. however, modern Earth did not exist. it was created both from the world of dreams and people's imagination, and perhaps even by design.

on Earth, some people are real, conscious beings, others are simulated characters, perhaps most, like in the movie, The Matrix. as you get older, you experience more and more errors and inconsistencies in the coding, so to speak. you may even think you've switched to an alternate universe, but no, these things are just errors.

i have thought perhaps Earth began in the 1800's and reality is only a few hundred years older, perhaps true Year 1 was AD1572, to give an example. the first people born on Earth had simulated parents but gradually Earth has filled with real people.

will the Earth end someday soon, when all have left?


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