Saturday, December 8, 2012

Do We Overestimate Reality?

do we overestimate reality:

to overestimate is a process of thought. first of all, the mind is imaginative, is it not? we can think of many things that are not real. we fade in and out of fantastic, even delusional, thought all the time. we may believe things exist that do not, we have capabilities that we don't have, there is the potential for things to happen that are actually impossible.

and because of time, many things have happened, it seems as though there were inflation, but the quantity of what exists cannot really have changed surely. what about the actual process of change? when we sense what seem to be different things, we may attribute to the mind a multiple number of sensory components. could they actually just be different states achieved by a fewer number? smell and taste are like, but we account for them as two senses. are there really so many shades of colour or could just one pixel of our eyesight become different shades? are we overaccounting when we consider perception?

am i just a little brain with an oversized 3D television set attached and loudspeakers too, who likes to fantasize and guzzle food and drink and pretend i am walking about on a material planet? the magic of television is that it can represent a seemingly infinite variety of life and suggest grand size of reality, but what is it really? just a few hundred lines of pixels rapidly changing.


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