Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Rolling Complex of Life

the rolling complex of life:

perhaps because we are easily distracted and easily forget, for short term memory is fleeting, we like and do compartmentalize different aspects of life. family is one thing, work is another, popular culture is something else. but what is true is that all are concurrently happening in the universe and what we think is no little matter, for thought binds it all together. how it all fits together in the universe is not something we can see, it is not visible, how light is connected to sound, how everything is electronically wired, in reality.

the pessimist is trapped in a black hole of despair perhaps. but optimism is needed. the thinker is required to be an all rounder, so to speak. the law of attraction is a law of magic that speaks of the effect of thought on reality and that events are determined more by what we think than can be proved by science. and why not? current science lacks an understanding of consciousness and assumes that our minds are mostly perception, not capable of the opposite, that is, to somehow drive surrounding reality itself. there is even no term currently for what i am describing, apart from magic, a very old word. if we could be likened to a radio, surely we could send and receive, that is, be a two way wireless, not be just someone who can only sense their surroundings but not materially affect them?

the whole question of magical thinking is often dismissed as a symptom of craziness, but what if some of it is true? if i do such and such, the result will be good or if i do such and such, something bad will happen. we certainly don't know how everything works yet, what depends on what. can we prove or disprove everything? perhaps not and scientific hypothesis testing, within its limits, is impossible?

imagine the successful woman or man on earth, a meticulous planner no doubt, for do we really believe that success can be gained without it? they have filled out the possibilities, weighed the risks, become more businesslike in their lives. they think a great deal.

the very nature of consciousness is that of something malleable, volatile even, you can think of something and, within a few moments, find it incredibly hard to remember what you were just thinking of. perhaps it is a little like the flame of a cigarette lighter, dancing in a darkened room, illuminating what is going on subconsciously, and posit that the unconscious is indeed very larger than the wavering conscious mind. it highlights what is going on around us, it is a highlighter. the apparent power of consciousness is revealed in our decisions of course but what other secrets does it hold?


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