Friday, April 6, 2012

The Relative Inch

the relative inch:

what is an inch? put simply, it is something to measure distance in space. is it an absolute everywhere for everyone? or is my inch different to your inch?

what if on earth the perception of sight was so wired to make everyone seem of a similar physical size while in actuality true personal size differed greatly? this is assuming the virtual nature of the world and the quite fixed position of all people in space. put simply, we are assuming the 3D mechanical motion world construct is but an illusion. yes, what if the largest human body were actually a hundred times bigger than the littlest, but on earth they seemed the same height? although it is obvious to any reader what the 3D mechanical motion world construct is, let me express what it means. relative to the earth, humans "move" about, change their positions constantly on the ground, while only 3 dimensions are "allowed". the paradox of empty space arises when we consider seriously this construct to be entirely real. if motion is only virtual, we can dismiss such thoughts as a false dead end.

distance and physical size so far, but what about density and variety in true space? i think, superficially, if we can see and hear things that seem to be at more or less the same position in space before us, we can assume that our own personal field is rather dense with a great variety of things in it, can we not?

but how to overcome the rigidity in our minds that perhaps 3 dimensions in space are all that there are? it safest to say this is the minimum. perhaps there are 5 or 6 or more, we just cannot see them is the simplest explanation.


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