Saturday, April 21, 2012

Between Fearless Optimism and Fearful Pessimism

between fearless optimism and fearful pessimism:

it all starts with a wish, a hope. we are happy, we think we can win at something, we can succeed, make progress. there is little or no fear, how can there be? we know nothing of the bad possibilities of the future. we are innocent. but those at the other extreme arrived by losing time and again, for they feel only fear and a conviction, deeply ingrained, that they just cannot win.

examining the path of the doomed gamblers of earth, where the odds are never in their favour, provides a useful lesson to us all. how does it all start, the want to gamble? there is the simple glamour of it all to begin with, the urge to prove to yourself that you are indeed a lucky guy or girl, that life can be exciting and easy, and, of course, everyone needs money. perhaps in the beginning, it is likely they won a little, or even a lot, which built a mindset, so set their minds to believe that they were a winner, and this mental setting was hard to shake off. beginner's luck became a curse. when eventually they lost heavily, they could not accept it, and gambled and lost even more, to oblivion.

i would say rarely does reality meet preconception for most. it always turns out slightly differently to what you thought. some you win, some you lose, sometimes something completely unexpected happens. in the end, it is about considering the risk involved in any venture. some risks are not acceptable. the only problem is, experience and mistakes and some misfortune are almost always required beforehand to accurately assess risk in life.


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