Saturday, August 24, 2013

The Journey of the Head Stone

the journey of the head stone:

and so there in the fixed heavens of space, there was a head stone. it could think for itself and see and hear. and it was not alone. it was sure there were others like it but as it could never really move, it could not crawl across space to verify and measure things in any sense. it spent its time imagining things, dreamed of other worlds, and when it thought hard enough it could almost fully imagine a largely populated place called earth, where humans could interact with other humans and lead busy lives. it was as if a traveller from this place was feeding thoughts and ideas about earth to it. it seemed almost real.

then one day, the head stone fell asleep for days. and when you sleep for days, the reality is that you forget. the head stone dreamed of earth and woke up as a very young child, in a new family, with a mother and a father, perhaps a sister or a brother too. for decades, the head stone lived as a mortal on earth. it grew up, experienced life. then one particular day the head stone fell asleep and died, leaving earth, to return to the world from where it came.


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