Monday, November 14, 2011

The Litter of Memory

the litter of memory:

he sometimes worried about his memory. it was almost as if he was losing his mind, though surely it wasn't that serious, all things considered. he was still alive and well and the past had been successfully navigated, true!

often, he wondered if separate events had occurred on the same day or different days, for he couldn't be sure, perhaps his mind had conflated different memories. he didn't keep a diary and the fog of the past prevented any clear evidence of what had happened and when. in a reductive frame of mind, he reasoned that yes, these things had actually taken place but hopefully the sequence and date stamp were not that important.

why he remembered some events, and not others, he didn't know. seemingly insignificant things stuck in his mind and sometimes details of important events were not so well kept. why was this so?

what he was most concerned about were false memories. did some things really happen? were they in a dream? a memory is like an indent made, could time mutate it to something else entirely, a falsity believed to be true? it was truly most perplexing.


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