Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Range of Time

the range of time:

when speaking of the range of time, i do not mean whether linear time is infinite or not. no, it could be interpreted as the general sum total in a macro sense of all kinds of events that happen in all time. i am sure, if we are vague enough in our definitions, this is not an infinite sum, for, after all, is the universe infinite? can anything truly happen? perhaps only the imagination is unlimited. for it is the integrity over time and specific nature of our personalities which limit our actions.

there is another interpretation. again, assuming the fixed spatial position of all matter, that is all that is in space, and yes, even are minds are to be considered matter here, is there a finite range of states that an individual least bit of matter can pass through? at this micro level, at any instant, this matter can only have one state, but when we think of the range, the sum total, we have something larger.

this naturally leads to the suspicion that everyone might be grossly overestimating the universe and themselves! in actuality we are not the sum total we may think we are, but only that which we are at any one instant in time. the argument that anyone can personally "grow" is at least somewhat of a fallacy! we may hope to retain the best of knowledge and wisdom, of course, and lose that which is false or bad.


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