Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Mystery of Other Realities

the mystery of other realities:

given that we are as of one large, complex reality, entirely connected, that we can account for it as one whole unit, the question arises, what of other realities that exist? well we can say that they are entirely separate, one does not influence or connect to another, by definition.

this leads us to the question, if they were separate at the start of time, will they always be separate? does the factor of time make a difference? obviously something that was with us from the start of time and always will be cannot be considered separate. that's just silly.

you could think, well, how far away are they? at an infinite distance? but this is too easy and is a product of our conditioning of thinking of the world in three dimensions with respect to distance and contact. if you were to think of charting the theoretical multiverse, with maps and such like, you might like to visually imagine that we are in our own particular universe, while they, the others, are in theirs. where on the map? we can only conclude that the other realities, for all purposes of affect, are not here simply.

now this may lead, by an inflamed imagination, as to speculation as to what these other realities might be like. might they be similar, or even parts the same? if they are the same, why aren't they here?

we have defined this place, here our home, as one reality, as there are, though they may be long and tortuous, links to every other part of this reality within it. we are all connected. but does this mean necessarily that everyone truly affects everyone else? or are some proceeding as quasi-independent sectors of reality?

to pick up a previous point, can it happen? can other realities become joined to us? if so, can they then be disconnected? can segments of this reality which were intact from the beginning of time become disconnected? there is a soothing argument that perhaps time, which you are worrying about no doubt, is somewhat insubstantial in itself, that time does not change the situation as per contact with other realities. indeed, once separate, always separate, once together, always together.

the problem in thinking about this matter lies in the way this reality has been set up, or perhaps is indicative of the way it is for eternity, the overrating of the concepts of distance and position. applying a mathematical model of number of connections between points comes to mind as an alternative. other realities have none to any here, indeed, their connection is zero.

i suppose, as a reality goes, this one you could say, is a highly involved reality, quite big, and rather complicated. hopefully all's well that ends well.


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