Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Mystic Legacy of the Ancients

the mystic legacy of the ancients:

several things from the ancient past are not lost. their view of life, as it was, may have been simple but surely they could imagine today, at least in part, though perhaps they could not quite place the details of the present. people dreamed of cities with their tall buildings and quick means of transport to distant places long ago, before they existed. with little to do, what else could they do but imagine the far future? they constructed language and forms which reside with us now. sometimes it is hard to distinguish what is truly modern and what is ancient in culture.

it is a primal urge to imagine the possibilities of the future. even today, people imagine starships and travel to other worlds. as of yet, they do not exist. hyperdrive and fuel have not been invented.

sometimes, echoes of the past arrive, to inform us of ancient objectives and agenda. it is human instinct to search for knowledge and this was emphasized in the ancient past.


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Chaos of Ancient Times

the chaos of ancient times:

in truly ancient times, before the age of science, most had not met and were indeed worlds apart. it was a time of isolation and instability, a time of self discovery in the chaos that was creation. geography was unknown, language undiscovered and there was no common system in place.

now ideas require words to express them. the subsequent development of language and obsession with making sense of the world around them were key. the sound of language was inspiring and its spread rapid across what was then the world as it was.

language became cultural movements. indeed, when we speak of conquest, this could be interpreted as a conquest of ideas and culture, a common base of tools to communicate with each other.

life was uncertain. those of great power and influence were thought of as magicians or even gods. in understanding the ancients, you must realize that they began with very little but hope. the quest for immortality and knowledge and wisdom were common themes in ancient history. to say that it was an insecure time is to say that they were fearful, yet they were wonderfully prepared to learn. they grasped at anything that would lead to greater understanding and created ideals for themselves.

however, the nature and personalities of people often do not change with time, by which i mean that these types are still with us today, though in an altogether modern setting.


Sunday, November 14, 2010

A Mood of Time

a mood of time:

past, present, future....

now in our memories is stored the past and is the key to this past. the mood, the phrases, certain events. to recreate a likeness of the past is often not difficult.

and what of the future? in some form, although slight perhaps, the future is already here. we may be aware of what is going to happen as the process has already begun and the potential is here. what of choice between different paths?

past concerns may be answered by the future, in its nascent form, that is already now.


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Matter and Space

matter and space:

matter in multidimensional space....

a single bit of matter is joined to another, matter extends in chains in multiple directions.

communication depends on signals transferred between distant points, a change that is effected across space.

we assume constants in reality, there are limits.