Saturday, February 27, 2010

In Play

in play:

it's here, it's now, everyone has arrived and everyone will go.

it's a match, all right, it started over there, now it's coming over here, girls on the left, girls centre forward, the boys over there.

give a little, lay it on the line, aim straight....
but, things move on and you must as well.

keep your eyes open. what did you hear? explain yourself to yourself.

was it about timing the next move?
there are only so many moves in two hours!


Chemical Reactions

chemical reactions:

mass is a complex form of matter, small in the sense that there are many elements at the atomic and molecular level. molecules are tightly bound complexes of atoms.

light is usually the primary influence over mass, violent changes in the light give rise to electric currents so that an altered state occurs. the natural state of mass is in equilibrium. in inequilibrium, further electric currents feed into surrounding matter, which may affect light and sound.

valencies may differ, which give rise to unexpected chemical reactions, though a common valency may apply across molecules.

the image of a substance feeds into chemical reactions. there is a tangible resonance between an object and underlying electric currents between atoms and molecules.


Friday, February 26, 2010

Self, Purpose and Others

self, purpose and others:

who am i? everyone gets asked this. what self is, is not always clear. you surprise yourself, you question yourself.

what is your purpose in life? should i do something? what should i do? what should i avoid doing? often we are judged not by what we did, in most cases, but what we did not do. can we help anyway?

what are other people? how do they react to me?
the social network:
others are far away with many in between. not everyone is the girl next door.

do we all read the same things? do we interpret things differently?

could someone, not the boy or girl next door, be thinking the same thing at the same time?


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Play the Game

play the game:

you are already entered, no doubt, people everywhere, life, work, play, problems....
play by the rules? or break one or two? who knew?

to get what you want, you have to give them what they want. it is as simple as that....
match, trade off, indeed, mutual satisfaction.

from the outset, it is clear, you must please mummy and daddy....
who do you prefer? pleasing people, or pleasing yourself?

there is only so much time to prepare for the next match. get your priorities straight first of all.

a true winner knows when to quit!


Friday, February 12, 2010

Think Like Think 1000

think like think 1000:

there are levels of consciousness....

thinking, associative analysis, verbal reasoning, concept evaluation, variable manipulation, calculation, programming....
call it what you will, think is often crucial.

imagine if you will the ability to think about 1000 different variables or concepts or ideas....
what is the aim of thinking? how to achieve this aim, if there are 1000 different things to think about?
it is to form an acceptable arrangement of variables, a complex if you like, that is pleasing and true, or rather, what goes with what?
well, truth be told, think 1000 has a grand strategy, to change somewhat nebulous concepts to fine form, that is, not to attack the problem but to return now and again to analyze how it has developed.

levels of consciousness....
although not really thinking thinking about something many people are aware of certain facts which proves at some subconscious levels they are still thinking about them.


Thursday, February 11, 2010

Stages in Sleep

stages in sleep:

first of all, thoughts begin to drift, the analytical mind begins to dissolve, currents flow back and forth.

second of all, a rhythmic flow pattern electronic happens. it is often a repeat cycle which explains why sleep most often seems a short time.

arousal from sleep occurs, thoughts become clearer....

you wake up.


Monday, February 8, 2010

Core Statistics in Modern Life

core statistics in modern life:

core statistics in modern life include ratios such as supermarkets per community, restaurants, railway stations, clothes shops, televisions, computers....

indeed, key parts of the economy are food, transport, clothes, housing and communications. for example, what percentage of households in a community have one or more cars? how many telephones? how many pairs of shoes does the lady have?

not all communities are the same....
a residential area in the centre of a city is not the same as the leafy suburb in the outskirts of the city. how good is the communications network? how many outsiders pass through?

food is basic. there might be only one supermarket on or near the high street or main street. only one or two restaurants, a couple of fast food outlets.
transport is far more complex to analyze. is it the car, the bicycle, the tram or the bus or train? or even the plane or starship or boat or ship? fuel is a consideration.
housing is the industry which shows most the inequalities in society. the lord or lady of the manor versus the council house tenant or those living in the projects.

who has access to the web? how fast and reliable is the connection?

if we assume people live as couples....
for example, the two person household:
1 apartment:2 people
1 fixed line telephone:2 people
however what if they each have their own computer and line connection?
2 computers:2 people

core statistics are ever changing and explain much in society.


Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sociology: People and Their Function in Society

sociology: people and their function in society

there is a turn of phrase....
what is my role in society?
how did i get where i am?

how do i measure my success? by my own yard stick? what about my effect on others? indeed, how do other people view me?

the leaders show the way, whether they be investment bankers, masters of the universe, politicians, the representatives of the corners of society....

how easy was it? people are naturally interested in other people. application to detail, drive, motivation are all part of the recipe of success. was it luck?

to say we met, we joined, we formed a congress of minds is to have achieved something.