Saturday, April 30, 2011

Right into the Stream of Life

right into the stream of life:

the long journey to now began in a plane. he remembered being given cookies to eat by his father at the start of a long flight. things were to get complex but the drama of life was yet to escalate. he had little idea of what was to come.


Saturday, April 23, 2011

Measures of Wealth

measures of wealth:

from medieval times, there was an attachment to gold, it was most prized as a possession and was an early measure of wealth.

with the expansion of the economy and developments in technology, wealth and demand only increased. what is most prized today? a survey of what the most demanded things in the modern economy are would be revealing.

is it communications? world wide web access?
is it more conventional? housing?

an analysis of demand may lead to more relevant measures of wealth. but how to accurately measure demand? and how to quantify wealth?


Where the Senses Occupy

where the senses occupy:

can we see and hear in the same location? it may seem so for in theoretical 3D space we can, but surely sound and light could not be at the same point? even though something happens before us and the noise it makes is perceived at that place.

now sound and light are two different things to be considered. is an explanation that different senses occupy different space, that sound and light are in different dimensions, that there are indeed multiple dimensions, and they only seem to exist at the same point, of course, from a theoretical 3D space point of view.