Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Frame of Love

a frame of love:

it was morning. she was somewhere safe. the previous twenty four hours had been a struggle. what was happening now was erasing memories of the far past when they had been together.

it was another life now or certainly seemed it and the new replaces the old. he had violated the past with his activity but there was something between the two still intact.

to recount to her, to tell her of his life after many years was a move back to long ago.


Tuesday, December 28, 2010

With a Twist of Love

with a twist of love:

the sentiments of the morning had settled. evening came and the noise and voices of the crowd rushed in their place. they told of worries and frustrations, long held views of other people and their hopes and ambitions. it made an uneasy mix.

a drink, chatter surrounding him, then something dropped. like the various symbols on the wheels on the slot machine coming to rest, a chain of miserable thoughts came in a shot - her, doubt, pain. the two worlds had collided.

another day, similar circumstances, but he had recovered.


Sunday, December 19, 2010

Long Summers Ago

long summers ago:

a wry comment and laughter marked the entrance of one of those long summer days of the past with time spent both indoors and out in the garden and playing fields. what was in memory could not be taken for canon truth. was it one summer or another, one day or another?

the laws of manners dictated extensive conversation. yes, truly, shoot! have a ball. engage one another. the lord of our party kept a watchful eye over us. ain't too much? is he looking? we were aware of each other and wary of ourselves. indeed, what was fitting and proper, in this the last few days together? soon to be shipped away from this patch, this land.


Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Promise of Ancient Alliances

the promise of ancient alliances:

as it was, there was no modern society with its customs and practices, its rote forms of behaviour. as it is today, people take many things in common for granted, the language, dress and general culture, no longer do we need to search intensively to find what to say or how to behave in most situations.

still, then it was a divided world....
divided by differences of geography and personal differences, and they were in fairly isolated groups. alliances between groups of a few became alliances between many, and anything of value was quickly distributed and shared. the leaders of the time gave promises that they would help and continue together as part of a larger group.

the difficulty of these early meetings was the struggle in communication and the often startling differences between people.