Sunday, October 31, 2010

An Article of Time

an article of time:

as we all know, time as recorded is measured in seconds, minutes, hours and so on. we assume there was a start to everything, useful as a reference point.

the following is an illustrative construct:

let us imagine a board of coloured squares, ten by ten, to be seen....

now at the start, the original states of those squares seem random as compared to each other. there are numerous colours, perhaps some squares are the same colour but different shades, perhaps some squares are identical to other squares. as time progresses, some of those squares change, though perhaps not all squares change. some squares change a great deal. some squares change very little. some squares change and then back to original state, perhaps in an infinite time loop. some squares may change a great deal but eventually are reset to original state.

do squares affect adjoining squares?
if so, how much?