Saturday, May 29, 2010

Reality Levels

reality levels:

usually thought about at first then more apparent, an idea or vague concept crystallizing in the mind....

can i see it? can i hear it? how far does reality differ from initial imagination?

is this my intention?
is it even a good idea?

not everything thought about becomes any more real. are we perpetually insane? common obsessions may dominate our thinking.

the capacity to think clearly about what could be is most valuable.


Sunday, May 23, 2010

From a Public Place

from a public place:

It is often wondered whether events and their circumstances were by design and if so how much? What people remember is the address or location, perhaps the season, if not the month, and those present. Some people are more concerned with detail, the exact time, the clothes, what was said and the interaction between groups. Anything new is grasped upon, should Mr. X have mixed with Miss Y, the gossip surrounding such an incident would continue for days. Does such a match fit anyone's expectations or more importantly does X fit Y's expectations and Y X's? They spoke, they touched, embraced and met again, all in a few hours.


Friday, May 21, 2010

The Act of Touch

the act of touch:

beyond the conversation and further in social interaction, there lies the promise of physical union, preceded by simple touch. the hand meets hand, the waist and the hip. what was once unknown now is discovered, relating to sense and emotion.


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

To the End Game

to the end game:

discussion is long over, instruction barely remembered....
what is impossible? what seems likely?

it developed into this....
pushed forward by change, what response do i have? what seemed only possible at first is now the case.

make or break....
stay on the ball, the creative moment has passed.

let it play out


Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Grand Event

the grand event:

social history of communities and grand events of the era, when rivalries were put aside and they came in their thousands to celebrate their progress and wonderful developments and increase in wealth and living standards....

have you heard? something is going to happen, there is an event....

though previously real divisions in society, beyond race, class, nationality, age, gender, politics and religion, were ignored and the idea of society coming together happened. extended families, business connections, friends and even strangers passed on the word. such events became much glamorized.

what did these people have in common? was it industry, commerce or language? or an unspoken agreement to converge to form one whole society without the constraints that had once applied?

later media obsession highlights these events, and they live on in memory.


Sunday, May 9, 2010

Charity and Acts of Faith

charity and acts of faith:

social interaction can be reduced to these two qualities. one hopes to help, not to damage the other, and we continue in good faith.

what makes another happy? what makes another satisfied?

showing interest, talking, thinking through matters, telling other people what they need to know, simply.
a coupling of minds, desire, emotional bonds.

whether apart or as one, do we need to think about the other? or does it come naturally?


Power and Person

power and person:

this power, concentrated in a person or a place or something that happened?

events and incidents....
some things that happen impact on the world to change things forever, for example, the world wide web, which ignited a whole chain of events, the way business is done, communication and a revision in the whole of the media.

of a strong leader....
his or her rise to power was rapid and strength of personality ensured all rivals were subdued, instituting change and progress. history and religion are obsessed with the study of the large and powerful and indeed their legacy to us all.

the place....
a grand arena for people to come together and join, subject to the mood and the inspiration that place holds.