Saturday, December 17, 2011

A Question of Precedence

a question of precedence:

the human mind is a powerful tool, apparently, as it can shape events. and the universe is ever changing. in an excited, unstable and highly emotional state, the mind can warp reality, indeed perhaps even change natural laws which hold in more normal, settled times. this is how it seems. now this could be dismissed as just flawed perception, that the actual universe has not changed, but to do so would be to dismiss and underweight perception and consciousness itself, to deny personal experience as important. in someone's strange, wild and crazy world, unusual things are happening! there is an assumption that we receive correct data from an "external world" to our brain and to our senses, that there is no great individual power to change this "external world" through our being, that there is no forceful feedback that can alter the state of it, so to speak.

posit that a great, and mad, scientist, perhaps in a dream, perhaps from an unusual experience, perhaps in an epiphany, creates a theory of how something works. his or her mind is engrossed with theoretical possibilities and detail, mechanical metrics and hypotheses and statistics. he or she, very excited, doesn't sleep for days and, when he or she does, has strange vivid dreams. then this mad scientist invents a machine or test to determine whether this hitherto only theoretical stuff is true or works. and it does. the question is, is this really science, is this the way things were or has the scientist changed them? or is it magic, is he or she actually a wizard of some kind? or just the god of this new machine and theory?

there may be true natural laws which came before thought chanced upon them, but what if we have altered the universe with our minds, created new systems, which we now label as "science"?


Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Dream Gateway to Other Worlds

the dream gateway to other worlds:

consider that the unconscious mind is a powerful force. perhaps we are not aware of it until it is highlighted in conscious thought from various material sources what exactly is going on out there, but it may seep into our subconscious from time to time and then to thought. it is said dreams are fed by our unconscious selves. and dreams deserve exploration.

how do we know certain things before they are evidenced by their manifest proof they exist? there is something apart from sight and sound that tells us things are so. and what is the connection? how do we know instinctively what is the general state of affairs? some call it the zeitgeist. are we thinking about the unconscious?

i remember the start of this life on earth as a series of dreams or not quite dreams which became waking reality, with very little memory of what came before. in my dreams, i have explored other places, other realms, indeed other worlds.

there is a philosophical dilemma as to the validity of some human experience, that dreams are somehow unreal. but dreams, especially vivid ones, which incur strong emotions, how are they not real? and there is a sense of paranoia at times, that you could wake up in the nightmare world even, for example, in the flooded ruins of an old great city. it hasn't happened to me yet. the default assumption that life on earth is all that there is, is a sterile and simplistic opinion, but we on earth all have it.

the unconscious mind is a great builder, a constructor of worlds and complexes, those that have access to it are greatly enhanced thinkers. not all is as it often seems to the conscious mind....